Brand Story - Hypnotherapy

brand story personal branding photography Jan 28, 2022
Brand Photography by Jo Blackwell UK

 Caroline Prout is a hypnotherapist and trainer with Inspired to Change, a company that has therapists working all over the UK both face to face and online. 

With her bright and engaging approach, Caroline has a knack for explaining the workings of the brain in a way that leaves her clients feeling calm and in control of their thoughts and feelings. 

For this "Full Story" Branding session, we shot in Caroline's home office, garden and garden retreat room before going for a walk.

To make the connections we want to attract our most aligned clients, we need to show a little of our personality. Caroline opted to do this in the countryside surrounding her home in Thrapston, so we went for a walk along the river near her home.

Caroline is a therapist who walks her talk absolutely  - seeing her practising what she preaches - mindfulness, time in nature, time for herself - gives potential clients the confidence that they are engaging with someone authentic, someone they can trust.

 We even found time for a little outdoor yoga by the lake!

It's been a joy to see Caroline using these images in her social media posts and on her website over the past months. Revisiting these images make me long for Spring!



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