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All the knowledge you need to confidently create fabulous film for your business time after time, using nothing more than your phone!

What you'll get:

  • Easy Photo & Film Basics - the know-how to consistently get results
  • Easy Film for Business Owners - how to shoot and edit (in iMovie) Business Show Reels, Testimonial Videos and how to add music (legally)
  • BONUS: How to make Slideshows (in iMovie)
  • How to export, backup and store your creations
  • Includes videos and handy PDF downloads, plus equipment suggestions for when you want to take things a step further
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for questions, feedback and celebrating your creations!

Disclaimer: There is no substitute for hiring a professional photographers and filmmakers. But we will show you how to DIY easily and inexpensively when money and time is tight.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a technical course, though it does presuppose that you can operate whatever camera you choose to use.

The Details:

Course Introduction
Outline and Objectives
Module 1 - Planning
1.1 Things to consider before you start shooting
1.2 What to Wear
1.3 Backgrounds and settings
Module 2 - See the Light
2.1 Introduction to light
2.2 Shooting Inside (Live Demo)
2.3 Shooting Outside (Live Demo)
Module 3 - Composition
3.1 Introduction to Composition
3.2 The “Rules”
Module 4 - Optional Supplementary Equipment
4.1 Introduction to Supplementary Kit
4.2 Using Supplementary kit demo (Live Demo)
Course Recap
Recap and Resources

Course Introduction
Outline and Objectives
Module 1 - Shooting for Film
1.1 Optional Supplemental Audio Equipment
1.2 Planning Business Showreels
1.3 Structure and Scripting Business Showreels
1.4 Shooting a Business Showreel (Live Demo)
1.5 “Talking Head” Videos
1.6 Shooting Testimonial Videos
Module 2 - Editing for Film
2.1 Software
2.2 Music
2.3 iMovie Editing Demo
2.4 Slideshows
Module 3 - Beyond Filming
3.1 Exporting from your device and uploading
3.2 Storage and Backup
Course Recap
Recap and Resources