Hi there! I’m Jo - Photographer, Writer & Coach for women who want more. 

Hi there! I’m Jo - Photographer, Writer & Coach for women who want more. 


Whether you’re interested in booking me for a brand shoot, want to take part in a project or would like some help to get more out of your life post 50, you can find out more from this hub. 
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Brand Photography Jo Blackwell
As a Brand Photographer, I specialise in helping Business Owners develop their Brand and become more visible. 
Women's Coach Jo Blackwell
Helping women who want MORE from their lives post 45 with 121 coaching and support. 
Writing & Publishing 
I've been a professional writer for over 35 years. Visit my books blog to see books available and work in progress ... 
The Midlife Movement
The Midlife Movement 
Challenging outdated attitudes to midlife and growing older - starting with the woman in the mirror! 

About Jo 

I've always been interested in stories: those that are true, those that we are told and those we tell ourselves. In ancient cultures, the role of the storyteller was to memorise and re-tell the stories of the culture and the people in it. 
Being seen and heard is as powerful as being loved - taking the time to truly, deeply listen to another human being is a form of love. A form that is sorely needed in our ever more emotionally disconnected world. 
Most of us have a need to share our thoughts and feelings. Storytellers bear witness to our existence. Stories help us to make sense of the world and our place in it. Historical, cultural, political and personal - we are the sum of the stories we are told and, crucially, those we choose to believe. 
Over my lifetime, I've picked through my own stories in search of truth and meaning. It's been a long, sometimes painful, but ultimately fulfilling process. As I've become older, I've begun to reach a place that sometimes, just sometimes, feels like peace. 
My working life is full of stories: 
Brand Photography allows me to tell entrepreneurs' stories, helping them to attract more aligned clients. 
Through 121 coaching, I help women 45 plus who want more from their next life phase to unpick the stories that are holding them back and to begin to create new stories that have the potential to make them happy. 
I write about the culture of ageing and, in fiction, women in midlife and beyond are my protagonists. 
I've been married for more than four decades and we have four children, four children-in-law and nine grandchildren. They are my blessings and, together, they form the greatest story of my life. 
How might I help you to tell YOUR story? 
Jo Blackwell Midlife and Beyond

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