More Relaxed and less overwhelmed
"I am more relaxed and less stressed, more focused and less overwhelmed" Sara 
Traditionally, to get on in the workplace, women have been taught we need to be more like men. To "smash" the glass ceiling, to "have it all" we need to work harder and longer, to juggle work with family commitments and still go regularly to the gym. 
I have some great strategies to help me focus
How is this different from our male counterparts? Well, here we are in 2024 and still the main bulk of "caring work" falls to women. There might be help with school runs, after school clubs and breakfast clubs, but women in the main still seem to carry the "emotional load" - arranging appointments, remembering when clean gym kit is needed, that little Sophie fell out with Chloe at school yesterday and Harry needs a visit to the dentist. 
Consequently, women tend to operate in "Superwoman" mode much of the time., fuelled by cortisol and adrenaline, because we don't have enough testosterone. Is it any wonder that we end up, like Sara, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? 
During Sara's time with me, we worked together on switching from the very masculine, push-push-push energy of Superwoman to operating in a softer, but no less effective way, a way that honours our feminine biology whilst supporting our ambition. 
Jo Challenged my thinking
This is what Sara had to say: 
"Before working with Jo, my life was extremely busy and felt chaotic and often out of control. I felt negative about it and like I had little autonomy in my decision-making. I decided it was time to make a change and, having worked with Jo in a different capacity in the past, I knew she would be a great listener and would work hard to help me. I was interested in the One of Many approach as I knew that it looked at our innate capabilities as women and I was curious to see how this might empower me. 
Jo was very clear each week about what work we did together. She took my chosen goal and we worked each week to find different ways of approaching the issue and effecting change. She did this with compassion and care as well as direction and focus; her manner was always reassuring but she was not afraid to challenge my thinking too. 
The biggest result has been a change in my mental approach - using energy awareness and time-management tools I am able to problem-solve in a different way, using particular approaches tailored to each type of issue. I have a greater awareness of my energies and capabilities and how they can contribute to moving forward with success. 
A positive shift in my life
Today, my life is still extremely busy, but I have a different view on how to handle it, how to prioritise things and some great strategies to help me focus. I am more relaxed and less stressed, more focused and less overwhelmed. If you are thinking of trying out coaching with Jo, just go for it. It could be the start of a great and positive shift in your life." Sara 
If you would like to see how utilising "soft power" in your life might create a "great and positive shift" for you, you can book a free, no obligation "Rediscovery call" with me Together, we can explore new, effective ways of working that don't force you to compromise your health and well being. Sounds good? Book that call now. 
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The Midlife Movement can help you embrace your middle years and beyond with less stress and more joy! How? 

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