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There's nothing more satisfying than saying goodbye to a client after her final coaching session, knowing she is ready to fly without my help! 
As Cheryl says below, some challenges might seem trivial, but they have a huge impact on our ability to enjoy life. Overcoming them forms the foundation for future progress. When I met her, Cheryl barely left the house except to shop for essentials and care for her elderly parents. Now she sends me photos of wild swimming and walking in Scotland! This is what she says about her experience of coaching woth me: 
After receiving my first phone call with you Jo I knew it was the right thing for me to do and that you were the right person to help me forward to my new future.  
You have encouraged me, challenged me but most importantly you have listened and heard me.  
Having someone from the outside understand, reflect back to me without knowing all my past baggage has been a very enlightening positive experience. One that I will be forever grateful for. 
The first couple of challenges for me to overcome seem very trivial written down, but were a major obstacle for me to achieve. 
Leaving the flat and going for a walk without the car  
Being able to visit toilets when out and about 
Coaching helped me to: 
Become aware of how I thought, acted, felt. 
Look after myself better, put me first and build on this. 
Get enough rest, sleep, warmth, nutrition, company and activities. My Needs Creed! If this was all in place then I was in the best place to then enjoy myself. 
Work on setting boundaries, saying no and having my needs met. 
Get to know my five power types and incorporate them into everyday living. 
Know my values and beliefs. 
Retrain thought/speech patterns from negative to positive, (away from motivation -- towards motivation) 
Journaling - brain dump. This I have found extremely useful especially to empty my head before the start of the day. 
Know where people I have in my life are and to understand that I don't have to like everyone and vice versa - Hearth and Realm (those that drain energy and those that give off positive vibes) 
Learn to meditate, flip negative words, gratitude for the small things in life, which is ongoing as is all of what I have learned with you. 
Develop the courage to take on new experiences and that I am allowed to take up space in this world and to be comfortable and proud. 
This has been the catalyst to my journey! I am having little wins and big wins all the time: I still can't believe some of the things I can do now and that they are becoming natural. 
The fear and pain subsiding is the biggest achievement so far. The next is awareness! Observing without judgement. 
The last few months has been spent challenging myself and my beliefs, acting on plans short, medium and long term. Getting out and about and looking at a new exciting future. 
Some of the goals I have achieved over the last 16 months: 
I can now walk from the flat down into town without pain and fear 
I can stay out on day trips because I now have the courage to visit toilets in places on my own 
Visiting a Lido locally, planning a swim further away, and finally having a holiday away where I went swimming. The use of my first ever vision board. 
I've realised the importance of taking time out for myself, doing something I enjoy and not feeling guilty about it. 
I've learned when I am most energetic and when to rest and not feel guilty 
I now have the courage to take action - financial security planning, job change, put myself back into society and start to live my life etc. 
I know I'm worth it. I still have to keep prompting myself, when in situations, that I have as much right as everyone else to be here etc. 
I'm working on my boundaries and putting my needs first 
I feel more confident to go out there and enjoy myself by creating balance between work and play. 
Future Plans: 
Look at redundancy from job and seek new direction. 
Part time work 
Volunteering for different charities, animals, wildlife, outdoor activities 
To stay mobile 
More holidays and weekends away 
Play more of my musical instruments 
Look at possible places to live 
Look at new social groups 
Aim to join in a walk for charity 
Working with you, Jo, has opened up a new way to look at life. 
The tools have given me a good solid foundation to build on. I'm looking at a skyscraper! Hahaha! 
I'm so proud of Cheryl. I was trained in the knowledge that we have all the answers we need within us. My role as a coach is to help you to rediscover who you are and craft the life you want to live in Midlife and Beyond. If that sounds good to you, book a free call and lets see if, like Cheryl, I can help you achieve your goals. 
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