How long does it take you to prepare images for social media each month? 
You have to get yourself "camera ready" - hair, make up, the "right" clothing and jewellery. Find a good location, good light, gather any props. Once you've taken eleventy-thousand selfies, you then have to trawl through them for one you (almost) like, process it so that it matches your brand... 
...and that's before you even start designing and scheduling your posts! 
It all takes so much time and effort, time you could be spending on marketing your business, serving your clients, having coffee with your mum. 
Wouldn't you like to get some of that time back? 
These are just some of the benefits of Professional Brand Photography, aka "Personal Branding". 
Always have images ready to go 
Shots for your social media 
Headshots ready for press 
...and collaborations 
Save time 
Save hassle 
Look good in every shot 
Stand out from the crowd 
Attract more aligned clients 
Make more money 
By using a professional, you can be confident that you will be shown in your best light - the best angles, the most natural expressions and, literally, in flattering light! 
I would love to talk to you about your business and how Personal Branding photography can help you to elevate your brand. 
Not all photographers are the same - we have different styles, services and approaches to our work - and it's important that you work with someone who is not only competent, but who you "click" with (pardon the pun!) so that the process is an enjoyable - and profitable - experience. 
Whether you choose to work with me to create your Personal Branding shoot, or someone else, ask to see examples of whole shoots. This is the best way to evaluate whether: 
a) this kind of shoot is right for you and your business 
b) the photographer is a good fit for you - do you like them as well as their style? 
c) you will get the variety of images you need 
I like to get to know you and your business (especially if you become one of my subscription clients) so that I can help you to get the most out of this service and ensure you end up with exactly what you need. I love helping small business owners like you become comfortable in front of the camera! 
Email, or book a planning call. and let's get ready to make some magic! 
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