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"Oh Crap - I'm 50! A Journey from Fearful to Fabulous (Sometimes)" Paperback

A tongue-in-cheek look at the trials and joys of turning 50.

Feeling overwhelmed, ill and depressed at 49, I poured out my heart in a blog called project50. Gradually, other women responded and those connections helped me to write my way out of a very dark place.

Writing this blog, quite simply, changed my life. 

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"Face it, Own it! The Bare-Faced Truth about Midlife Women" e-Book: instant pdf download

Featured on the BBC News, and in magazines as far afield as Germany and Italy, 52 women braved the camera and more than 100 women sent no make-up selfies to be included in this book.

The result is a collection of beautiful, black and white portraits accompanied by the women's own words about how they feel about their lives - and themselves - today.

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For Children

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The Three Brother Bears and the Deep, Dark Woods

When the Three Brother Bears set off for an adventure in the woods, Captain thinks they will follow his map. But Blue has other ideas and Thunder struggles to keep up…

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The Three Brother Bears and the Snow Bear

It’s been snowing in the night and each of the Three Brother Bears is determined to make the best snow bear. They soon discover that, sometimes, three little heads are much better than one…


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